In Search of the Lost Feminine

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New Book Explores Mystery of the "Lost" Feminine, Legacy of Vanquished Cultures


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An engaging treatise that rethinks the roots of our society, In Search of the Lost Feminine: Decoding the Myths That Radically Reshaped Civilization explores the questions posed by the best-selling Da Vinci Code

DENVER, CO (March 28, 2006)-For the first time, an author has woven together the historical threads that explain the mysterious disappearance of ancient cultures in which women and the environment were at the center, a loss that has dramatically influenced 3,500 years of Western history. In Search of the Lost Feminine presents the archeological and sociological evidence of how our culture of misogyny, environmental depredation, and glorification of war came into being.

The exploration begins with the ancient Minoans, who, before their culture suddenly vanished, had treated women with respect and reverence, been more resistant to war, and were more attentive to the environment. Author Craig Barnes posits that the sudden loss of this era was ushered in by volcanoes and poets, gods of death, and mythological caricatures of madding women-Scylla, Charybdis, Medea, and Calypso-all of whom were intended to discredit an old civilization and install a new patriarchal order. The subversion of women has persisted throughout the ages, but not without sowing the seeds of dissent over the centuries.

"We may consciously choose now, after thirty-five hundred years, to line up and claim our ancestry from those women and men who danced in the light of the moon…We may for the first time in human history, fully informed and aware of the possibilities, consciously claim the female principle," writes Barnes.

About the Author
Craig Barnes began his career as a public interest lawyer dealing with women's rights and the environment, at one time trying a women's wage case before a federal judge who would not admit any evidence of historical discrimination into his court. Barnes was also active in politics and civil rights, running for Congress in Denver as a peace candidate in 1970. In mid-career, after spending several years as a writer, editor, and negotiator in Central Asia and the Caucuses, Barnes discovered themes of these same modern movements in the archaeology of prehistory. Barnes lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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